Saturday, August 30, 2014

John Kasich's victory speech

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#K_Kids Use

Are you allowed to talk about Kiwanis at your work place. I was told that I could not talk about Kiwanis at work. Why? Change Ebrending from appsharingnetwork to Ohio Business Development Coalition JobsOhio Call me +Coach Z Why did your Gatekeep lie to me Governor. It's all about team right? Put me in the game coach I'm ready to play. Ohioans took a step forward. I need your help now. Cinema City at Market Place Movie Tavern is my business and ever big business person in town has done everything they could to keep me from work. The Water Department is going to turn off my Water in 15 days because they want me to buy my own well water that has been on my property since I bought my home. Talk about American politics. My fight is not your fight but I agree with one thing that you understand. #USNavy #PlatformsMatter I have not gave up the hope for the community in which I serve. The people in my neck of the woods need jobs. They also love first run movies buy something to eat and get a beer or wine all at the same time. Right? I was at the LC the other day listening to Les talk to a room full of people that have a similar location just like Nationwide did and the folks at Easton.  Mid Ohio Region Planning and The Rail commission all have my links and have from day one. I need your help. I have to file BK to protect my 14 year old so he has food to eat while his peers deal with the hate others have brought upon me. I don't fear change. I don't have my nose in the muck and have kept the main thing the main thing. You are talking to one of the iteratees that kept us up front and allowed our great city to be the Smartest City in the USA. First time. #factsonly #nodramazone Your gatekeeper lied to me. He told me that you won't take a meeting with me but I have watched him use all of my work over the past three years. I am done asking. Look up Ben and Jerry's plan when big business cornered the milk market on them. I must do the same plan or my ship will sink. Call me +Coach Z CC: +Licking County Sheriff's Office - Google+"

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